Refresher face lifts: A return to youthful glow

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As the body grows older, its exposure to harmful elements is increased, causing the skin to age and the face to look older than it really is. Refresher face lifts counter this heightened aging process and return the youthful glow on one’s face. This natural face lift solution is a discreet and effective process conducted by veteran cosmetic surgeons and utilizes an approach different from that of typical lifts.

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Refresher face lifts follow three fundamental principles for an effective procedure:

1. Restore a dynamic, pleasant expression on one’s face, also known as the “emoticon effect”;

2. Maintain a natural hairline through strategic incision techniques; and

3. Maintain youthful volume and firmness through vertical lift and fat micrografting.

These three principles ensure that refresher face lifts avoid the odd look resulting from typical lifts, caused by displaced hairlines and stretched, “wind-swept” features. Refresher face lifts pay specific attention to detail, especially in the hairlines and cheeks, to ensure that the procedure follows the natural contour of the face. The patient is assured of a “refreshed” result that looks natural, composed, and appropriate to one’s age.

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Dr. Christian Drehsen is a board-certified plastic surgeon and medical director of the Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres. Know more about the process and benefits of plastic surgery by visiting its official site.


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