Pre- and post-op guidelines for a successful cheek augmentation

High cheekbones that frame the eyes, draw attention to the nose and mouth, and give an amazing three quarter-profile are some of the most coveted facial features. If you aren’t born with catwalk-ready bone structure, however, facial implants on the cheeks can lend you the prominent zygomatic arches you’ve always wanted.

The following precautions ensure your successful cheek augmentation and speedy recovery.

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Before surgery

Aspirin and certain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) hinder blood clotting and the healing process. Furnish your doctor a list of all your current medications – any of these drugs that behave similarly to NSAID will have to be postponed until a week or so after the operation. Your doctor can prescribe alternatives you can take if necessary.

Hydrate yourself copiously before and after the operation. A minimum of three liters of water daily is ideal. If you’re a smoker, lay off cigarettes at least six weeks before the day of the procedure, and six weeks after.

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Arrange for someone to drive you home from the hospital and stay with you for the first 24 hours post-operation.

After the surgery

Post-operation, your doctor will provide specific instructions for maintaining drains, applying bandages, wearing compression garments, and taking antibiotics. Follow these instructions closely and carefully.

A liquid diet for the first two days post-surgery is best, while a soft diet from day three to ten is recommended.

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For the first seven days post-operation, keep still in a 45-degree reclined position. After one week, you can resume work and moderate physical activities. After two or three weeks, you can start exercising and vigorous training if desired.

Clinique of Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Christian Drehsen can give you cheek implants that enliven your features and elevate your appearance. Learn more about his aesthetic medical expertise here.


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