Fountain of youth in a vial: Injectables that bring the years back

Lore and legends tell the existence of a “Fountain of Youth,” a spring that supposedly brings the glow and vigor of time gone by.

Now, those seeking to restore their youthfulness could find hope in beauty creams, surgical procedures, and injectable formulations that produce dramatic results in little doses. And among the most popular available today include Botox, Dysport, and Juvederm.

Botox: Derived from botilinium toxin, Botox has been widely available to treat a wide range of medical conditions such as uncontrolled bladder and excessive sweating. But it is most popularly known for its cosmetic abilities: smoothing out visible furrows and erasing creases and wrinkles. Botox makes that possible by temporarily relaxing facial muscles and blocking nerve impulses that cause these unwanted lines to form. The result is a younger, invigorated skin without the need for surgery.

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Dysport: Using of the same main ingredient that makes up Botox, Dysport emerges as a more effective option in diminishing moderate to severe wrinkles such as frown lines and crow’s feet, according to research. While there is no visible difference between Botox- and Dysport-injected patients when their faces are at rest, the Dysport distinction shows when patients smile, squint, frown, and laugh.

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Juvederm: Hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance in the skin, is becoming increasingly popular for its restorative and hydrating properties. It comes in an injectable gel form and is marketed under brand names like Juvederm. Injections only take 15 minutes and immediately reveal a noticeably smoother, firmer skin. A brief period of swelling, itching, and a faint redness may occur, but patients recover as fast as 36 hours after the procedure.

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Everyone can get all the above-mentioned injectable treatments and more from reliable and recognized cosmetic enhancement facilities like Dr. Christian Drehsen‘s Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centers. Visit this website for a list of other cosmetic procedures.


Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres

There are a variety of reasons to consider Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres if you are thinking about having some cosmetic or reconstructive work done.

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Dr. Christian Drehsen, the clinic’s medical director and a board certified plastic surgeon, can perform many simple procedures, such as those involving noninvasive cosmetic lasers, dermal fillers, and injectables such as Botox and Dysport. He can also perform more complex surgeries, such as facial plastic surgery, including face and neck lifts, eyelid lifts, rhinoplasty, chin and cheek implants, and lip augmentation. The clinic also offers body contouring, including standard liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, tummy tucks, cellulite treatments, and body accents. And, the clinic uses advanced skin care technologies for procedures such as fractional laser resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, and chemical and laser skin peels.

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However, the clinic is probably best known for the three procedures that Dr. Drehsen has developed.

One of these is the refresher facelift, an innovative technique that has been described as a “vertical facelift.” This kind of facelift provides balance, proportion, and symmetry, and makes the face and neck look rejuvenated.

Dr. Drehsen has also perfected the “inner bra” subfascial breast augmentation, a technique where breast implants are surgically placed under the pectoral muscles instead of over them, ideal for athletic and physically active women.

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And, the Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres offers stem cell fat micro-grafting injections, a technique that Dr. Drehsen describes as “healing skin from within.” This technique helps to create a lasting, more youthful complexion. When it comes to this procedure, Dr. Drehsen is the most experienced surgeon in the United States.

Dr. Drehsen has over 20 years of experience performing plastic surgery. Besides Dr. Drehsen, the Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres is also made up of an exceptional staff of anesthesiologists, advanced registered nurse practitioners, and aestheticians, at facilities that are fully equipped with state-of-the art technology and medical equipment.

Refresher face lifts: A return to youthful glow

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As the body grows older, its exposure to harmful elements is increased, causing the skin to age and the face to look older than it really is. Refresher face lifts counter this heightened aging process and return the youthful glow on one’s face. This natural face lift solution is a discreet and effective process conducted by veteran cosmetic surgeons and utilizes an approach different from that of typical lifts.

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Refresher face lifts follow three fundamental principles for an effective procedure:

1. Restore a dynamic, pleasant expression on one’s face, also known as the “emoticon effect”;

2. Maintain a natural hairline through strategic incision techniques; and

3. Maintain youthful volume and firmness through vertical lift and fat micrografting.

These three principles ensure that refresher face lifts avoid the odd look resulting from typical lifts, caused by displaced hairlines and stretched, “wind-swept” features. Refresher face lifts pay specific attention to detail, especially in the hairlines and cheeks, to ensure that the procedure follows the natural contour of the face. The patient is assured of a “refreshed” result that looks natural, composed, and appropriate to one’s age.

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Dr. Christian Drehsen is a board-certified plastic surgeon and medical director of the Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres. Know more about the process and benefits of plastic surgery by visiting its official site.